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Kick Start YOUR Day with this Magical Drink!

Do you wake up feeling tired & lacking the energy to ‘get going’ in the morning? Then you might need the Green Ogre!

The Green Ogre drink got its name from its colour and although you might take a look at it and think yuck it actually tastes really nice

As a drink it’s a pick me up that is packed full of nutrients and also helps you to focus. A perfect way to start the day.

Breaking Down The Green Ogre Health Drink

To break things down there are 4 things in the Green Ogre –

  • Greens Balance
  • Mind Health
  • Fizz Stick (I like the strawberry flavor or the pomegranate flavor)
  • Water

Greens Balance contains 37 different fruit and vegetables which means it’s a real powerhouse of goodness.

Mind Health was designed to help with focus & concentration levels It contains sunflower derived phosphatidylserine which is a building block for brain cells & vitamin B12 to support neurological performance.

Fizz Sticks contain caffeine from green tea and guarana which basically means it gives you the pick me up of an espresso without the crash. It’s a non-acidic form of caffeine which means it won’t cause inflammation

Water as we all know is key to good health and as you add 500 – 600 ml of water to this drink it really does help keep you hydrated.

The full directions for making the Green Ogre are, place the following in a drinks bottle –

  • 1 scoop Greens Balance
  • 1 sachet of Mind Health
  • 1 sachet of strawberry Fizz Stick (pomegranate fizz stick also tastes delicious, in theory, you could have any flavor I just don’t like the citrus flavor in this particular drink)
  • 500 ml of water

Have You Heard of the Green Ogre Nation?

Basically, if you try the Green Ogre for 30 days you can join our movement, more details (including 2 different versions of this popular greens drink) can be found here – Green Ogre Nation – Join the Movement!

NOTE: The products mentioned are all available through Arbonne. I am an Arbonne Consultant so if you purchase through my shop – I will be compensated (at NO cost to you). Message me through Facebook or Instagram to see if I can get you a discount (or contact your existing Arbonne Consultant). To purchase all the ingredients for the Green Ogre I can usually show you how to save 20% off retail.

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