Green Ogre Nation – Join the Movement!

Are you ready to join the global movement to replace your morning coffee with the Green Ogre drink every day for 30 days?

This is a drink that gives you lots of health benefits and I consider it my morning ‘kickstarter’!

So – what is the Green Ogre drink? You can find out the ingredients and how to make it right here – Green Ogre Drink.

If you want to join the movement and substitute your morning coffee with this drink for 30 days then contact me now and I’ll tell you how to get 20% discount – Email me with the subject Green Ogre – or message me on Instagram or Facebook with the magic words – Green Ogre!

The best thing about this is if you don’t feel fantastic by making this change you can get your money back as all the products come with a 45 day money back guarantee, you LITERALLY have nothing to lose!

Who’s going to join me? I’m not doing this for 30 days though (just to let you guys know), I’m doing it for the rest of my life!

Not worried about a discount? Then visit and get yourself the ingredients – Greens Balance, Mind Health & Fizz Sticks. Want that 20% discount then email me or DM me via Insta or FB, don’t forget to mention Green Ogre in your messages.

I can’t wait to see YOUR results over 30 days of enjoying this amazing drink!

Did you know you can also do the challenge AND get the t-shirt? We love the Green Ogre Drink so much we want the whole world to join the movement so you can check out our merchandise right here –


I have ‘updated’ this drink and now there are 3 versions of the Greens drink I enjoy – Green Ogre as above, Green Ogre 2.0 or the Green Glow Up Drink. Basically I started adding Arbonne’s Skin Elixir to my Green Ogre drink when it first came out and I loved it. The skin elixir basically helps your body to produce it’s own collagen and not only is collagen great for the skin, hair and nails, I personally love taking it because it helps joint health and heart health.

So Green Ogre 2.0 has Greens Balance, Mind Health, Skin Elixir and Fizz Sticks.

The Green Glow Up Drink came about when people started taking glow up shots (for their skin, hair and nails) which were Digestion Plus, Greens Balance & Skin Elixir and I thought hummm, I’m going to have a drink as opposed to a shot, but I’m leaving out the Digestion Plus as that has to be drunk within 20 minutes tops. So the Green Glow Up Drink has Greens Balance, Skin Elixir and Fizz Sticks.


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