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The Monthly Reading List

You’ll find our big Personal Development booklist on another post, but if you find a big list overwhelming then let’s break it down and discuss a few books for you to read this month.

Carve out a little time every day where you can find a quiet spot to enjoy a nice cup of tea (I always like to drink my Arbonne herbal tea when I do my reading) and to read a chapter or two of your personal development book.

Just 10 pages a day can make all the difference, the key here is consistently reading every day.

Your reading list

If you’re new to reading personal development books and you’re not a big reader in general then you might want to start with The Magic by Rhonda Byrne. I love this book as it is just one chapter a day and includes a little exercise for you to follow. This is a great introduction to reading personal development books.

There are so many different books you can read and alongside personal development books biographies can be really helpful. I love reading about how people have overcome adversity in their lives .

Now let’s look at a few other books to read this month –

I hope you enjoy this selection and if you are looking for more then check out our big personal development booklist post.

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