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Welcome to Louanne’s Nation!

So exactly what is Louanne’s Nation? Well it’s not some underground militia group or a conspiracy theory movement, it’s actually a group of people who have come together to become the best version of themselves that they can. Let’s chat ….

My name’s Louanne Cox and I envisioned Louanne’s Nation as a group of people who can come together and support each other into becoming the best versions of themselves and also having the opportunity to earn a little extra coin at the same time 🙂

I am an Independent Contractor with Arbonne and I’d love to help you out on your journey whether that’s just using the products or whether that is building up your own little side hustle or your very own business empire.

I joined Arbonne to do their 30 days to healthy living program and beyond – I really do believe that this program changed my life.   Since then I have changed over all the skin care, body care, hair care and personal  care products to Arbonne and to say I’m in love with the brand is certainly not an overstatement!

Arbonne also allows us to run our own business and unlike in the corporate world where you have to play workplace politics we help to lift people up and empower them.   Whether you just want to earn a little extra coffee money (and talking coffee, feel like replacing one coffee a day? Join our movement!) or whether you want to jump fully into the Arbonne fountain and totally change your life there is room for you here in Louanne’s Nation.

Reach out for more information including our income statement so that you can see what average results are like. You can email me, or message me on either Facebook or Instagram.

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